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Banana Split

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This creamy, chocolaty nostalgia inspired recipe is so delicious it’s bananas.

We love giving classic childhood dishes a modern twist; our latest, and we think maybe our greatest so far, is a fresh, nutrition-packed twist on the traditional banana split smoothie.

Rich & Source of Nutritional Benefits

This smoothie offers a fantastic source of nearly every vitamin and mineral. It’s also high in natural sugar, a great treat to serve up on special occasions.


SERVES: 2 adults & 2 children

TIME: 10 min / 9 min hands-on > quick blend

AGE: 12 months +

unsweetened nut milk
ripe large bananas, frozen are best
1 tbsp
cocoa powder
1 tbsp
cocoa nibs
1 tbsp
peanut butter*
2 tbsp
coconut flakes
2 tbsp
pitted dates, roughly chopped
1 tsp
vanilla bean paste
ice cube
A large
spoonful of yoghurt
A sprinkle of
coconut flakes, cocoa nibs & cocoa powder
cherry to go on top (optional)
*Feel free to use any type of nut butter

How to make it


Add all the ingredients to a high-speed blender and mix until smooth.
Taste and adjust the flavour add extra coconut for creaminess, or vanilla bean paste or pitted dates for sweetness.


In a large glass, dollop in a large spoonful probiotic yoghurt.
Pour in the smoothie mixture.
Sprinkle over a few coconut flakes, cocoa nibs & cocoa powder.
And the optional 'cherry on top'
Pour into a glass or bottle it and keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Crabtree Farm tips

If you are using fresh bananas then add a few extra ice cubes, this makes the smoothie colder and thicker.

You can freeze the smoothie into ice lollies for a refreshing treat.