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Bangers & Beans One-pot

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If they were handing out awards for “best comfort food ever”, my vote would go to bangers and beans.

This one-pot sausage roast with homemade baked beans, smoked paprika and plenty of veggies is a great winter warmer and has the added benefit of very little washing up!

Making your own baked beans might seem like a bit of a faff, but most supermarket brands chuck in a load of sugar and salt. So for me, the faff (all of 5 minutes) is well worth it.

Rich & Source of Nutritional Benefits

Beans are a great inexpensive way to bulk out a dish; they soak up all sorts of flavours, and best of all they tick a lot of the top healthy boxes - high in protein, fiber and low in fat.



TIME: 3 min hands-on

AGE: 9-12 months upwards

How to make it


200°C / 400°F (fan)
220°C / 425°F (conventional)


In a large casserole dish, add the onions, celery, sausages, butternut squash, rosemary, a good drizzle of olive oil and mix.
Roast in the oven for 10 minutes.


Drain the beans, but keep half the ‘bean juice’.
In a bowl, mix all the ingredients from step 2 - and then pour in the beans and the reserved juice.


Remove the tray from the oven.
Pour in the tommy sauce.
Pop the tray back in the oven.
Cook for a final 25 minutes, or until golden and bubbling.

Crabtree Farm tips

Leftover beans work great the next day on a piece of toast.

It’s well worth checking the salt content of your children's food. You’d be surprised how little they’re supposed to have! Recommend daily salt guide.

*You can buy quality sausages for a good butcher, and there are some great low salt varieties in major supermarkets. Look for under 1 g per 2 sausages with a high percentage (over 90%) of meat.